Predicare™ enables personal predictions of:

  • Time to Progression
  • Lesion elimination
  • Lesion dynamic changes
  • Most favorable treatment

Optimata offers a first-of-its-kind treatment personalization tool for cancer diseases.


Expert in predictive biosimulation, Optimata mathematically models patient physiological and pathological processes, along with the dynamics of drug-patient interactions, putting a special focus on cancer and oncology drugs.

Simulated by Optimata Virtual Patient® and Predicare™ software, these models provide valuable predictions of drug effect , with recommendations of optimal treatment regimens for the patient and patient population.


Optimata's Virtual Patient® enables:

  • Drug repurposing
  • Enhanced drug competitive profile
  • Early "GO/NO-GO" development decisions
  • Drug safety profile
  • Optimal dosing schedules
  • Clinical indication selection/expansion

Optimata offers a powerful, interactive, clinical trial optimization tool, enabling huge reductions in time-to-market and development costs.