Our Mission
Optimata Ltd. is a privately held healthcare company, providing computer technologies for predicting improved patient therapy. Our mission is to lead the modeling-based personalized medicine, ensuring that patients receive the best drug therapy. This is accomplished by high level multiscale modeling that integrates rational analysis of treatment mechanism of action and Efficacy, together with information from large data bases. Optimata develops comprehensive medical devices for predicting the oncology patient’s prognosis and benefit from drug therapy, thus facilitating improved treatment decisions in malignant diseases.


Optimata's PrediCare is a computerized diagnostic test for individualized treatment navigation, aimed to help oncologists select the best therapy program at the decision making junctions in advanced cancer stages. PrediCare uses the cancer patient's individual clinical characteristics (historic disease profile, biomarkers, etc.) to predict the response to different standard of care regimens, and enables selecting the most appropriate treatment for the particular patient.