• Prof. Zvia Agur, Chief Scientific Officer – Founder and Chair of Optimata, PhD, a renowned scientist and one of the pioneers in the field of biomathematics. Her major scientific contributions are in the fields of cancer and other immune-related disease dynamics, as well as chemotherapy, biologic drug therapy and immunotherapy optimization. 

  • Mr. Eldad Taub, CEO – Entrepreneurial and leadership experience in complex fields which require bridging of market needs and new technology, wide multidisciplinary technology (MSc), business development and sales background.

  • Mr. Michael Agur, CFO – Optimata’s co-founder;  has extensive business and finance experience (BA in Economics, MA in Security and Diplomacy); held top executive positions in Israel’s Civil Service.

  • Dr. Itzchak Angel, Ph.D. Vice-President, Business Development, an accomplished executive in the Pharmaceutical Industry, with over 30 years experience in guiding strategic Drug- and Business- Development in both large and emerging companies.

    As of 2005, as President and CEO of Angel Pharmaceutical Consulting & Technologies (A.P.C.T. Ltd.), Dr. Angel was previously Department Head of Pharmacology at Synthelabo in Paris (now Sanofi) for numerous years, where he took part in the invention, research and development of marketed drugs such as Ambien, Xatral and Mizollen. Upon the return to Israel, he served as Chairman and CEO of Accellta Ltd., VP of Research and Development in D-Pharm Pharmaceuticals, Proteologics, BioVent and as VP Business Development in Galmed Medical Research, Novotyr Therapeutics. micure and Cardiamit.


  • Mr. Yuri Kogan, Chief Mathematician – Interdisciplinary mathematician (BSc); extensive  experience in the development and implementation of biomathematical and machine learning prediction algorithms, and the integration of large datasets of patient information.

  • Dr. Moran Elishmereni, Chief Biologist – PhD in the field of Immuno-pharmacology; significant experience in leading projects which involve  creation of mathematical/statistical oncology treatment models, based on the integration of large and complex patient data bases.

  • Dr. Marina Kleiman, Chief Clinical Operations – DSc, PhD in the field of Biochemistry, Theoretical Medicine and Pharmacology, widely experienced in the various aspects of clinical trials as well as collaborations with pharma companies and medical institutions.

  • Dr. Yafit Stark, Consultant for Clinical and Regulatory – PhD, Vice President Global Clinical Development at Teva Pharmaceutical; was in charge of the clinical development of Teva Brand Products such as Copaxone , Azilect and others.