Optimata Ltd. develops a unique treatment navigation tool to help oncologists select the best treatment program for the individual patient. The company aims to significantly increase patients’ response to therapy, by predicting prognosis and response at any decision-making junction. Optimata is a privately-held science-based company, founded by Prof. Zvia Agur, a renowned biomathematician and pioneer in the field of treatment optimization for cancer and pathogenic diseases. Optimata wields unsurpassed scientific strength and outstanding expertise in these fields. Its interdisciplinary team includes experts in biology, pharmacology, medicine, biomathematics, mathematics and statistics, and it collaborates with leading research institutions, hospitals and major pharmaceutical companies worldwide.


Optimata's extensive patent portfolio encompasses methods for predicting cancer progression, angiogenesis, hematopoiesis and other disease processes in individuals and in populations, along with methods for optimization of drug treatment and drug development approaches. Optimata’s product development portfolio currently includes treatment navigation tools for Lung and prostate cancer. In its short range product roadmap, Optimata plans to include navigation tools for Breast and Colon cancer as well, and intends to tackle other solid cancer indications in the future. Optimata targets three main customer bases: hospitals, private oncologists, and patients seeking information on treatment options.