Predicting Individual Cancer Prognosis and Treatment Response

Optimata's PrediCare is computerized diagnostic test for individualized treatment navigation. It is aimed at helping oncologists select the best therapy program at any decision-making junction. PrediCare uses the cancer patient's individual clinical characteristics (historic disease profile, biomarkers, etc.) to predict the response to different standard regiments and significantly improve the patient’s response to the selected treatment. 
PrediCare's prediction technology, based on Optimata's OVP (Virtual Patient) system, relies on sophisticated bio-mathematical, statistical and computational models that use a patient's clinical data as input, beginning at the very first stages of diagnosis. This individualized-medicine approach is superior to statistical prediction methods, which fail to capture the complex relationships between a patient's individual metrics and disease prognosis (click here to find out more). 

PrediCare Products:

PC Predicare: for Prostate Cancer
LC Predicare: for Lung Cancer