Our Mission
Optimata Ltd. provides software technologies for improved personalized therapy of oncology patients. Our technology enables prediction of imminent disease progression, consequently facilitating improved treatment management. This is accomplished by high level biomathematical, statistical and computational machine-learning models that integrate patient level clinical information, in an individualized-medicine approach.


Optimata's PrediCare is a new tool enabling prediction of forthcoming disease progression in advanced cancer patients. Progression is a critical event in the patient’s therapeutic timeline, indicating the optimal moment for a change in treatment. PrediCare is designed to be applied in the late-stage cancer patient, inputting the patient’s serum tumor marker(s) and using breakthrough machine-learning methodology to predict disease progression. The power of PrediCare to alert to progression, before it is clinically manifested, enables the oncologist to switch the patient to the next treatment line, preventing disease escalation as well as deterioration of the patient’s constitution, and potentially extending the patient’s survival.